Petal by Golden Petal

In the breeze of a new spring dawn, a petal falls from the cassia tree— freed from its flower, gold as the sun, its moment arrived, its bondage done— it drifts in silence, soft and free.   Nature reckons with numbers and sums, while I stand still in the gentle breeze: the phoebes arrived, the… Continue reading Petal by Golden Petal

Playgrounds of the Sixties

In the Sixties, outskirts of town, our playground was a forgotten lot. With cast-off tires, bricks and boards we fashioned a cabin in that spot.   On a moldy log over the stream we tested our balance, just for the prize of pussy willows, tall and tan and velveteen, on the other side.   The… Continue reading Playgrounds of the Sixties

Ode to My Forgotten Garden

Many months’ weather and weekends have passed; winter is gone, and I’ve not climbed your stairs with my shovel and gloves—you’ve not seen my face, so buried I’ve been in a canyon of cares.   With winter came the winds of regret— for those I wear new wrinkles within. I’ve mourned the untimely loss of… Continue reading Ode to My Forgotten Garden