Villanelle for a Gardener

(After “Villanelle for an Anniversary,” by Seamus Heaney)   A spirit moved. The gardener walked the yard. The mountain had been carved, the boulders massed. His shovel rusted, and the ground lay hard.   Streams sighed in secret. Nothing stirred. Bamboo stood in silence, guarding past. A spirit moved, the gardener walked the yard.  … Continue reading Villanelle for a Gardener

The Music of Friendship

The music of our friendship, a symphony, I think, of women growing older, our hearts played in sync. And belly laugh percussion the rhythm of our years, and shared sorrow sounds of pianissimo tears.   Your hello’s brillante— it sparkles, like your eyes. Mine is more allegro— cheerful, uncontrived.   Over time together our memories… Continue reading The Music of Friendship

Ode to the Hudsonian Godwit

Through blue-black night, and wind and sullen storms— a boreal bird on cold Atlantic air— you fly non-stop 7,000 miles to where the southern wetlands welcome you back home. A tracker marks your epic nine-day flight from Canada to Argentina shore. You double weight beforehand for the chore, and steer by memory and by starry… Continue reading Ode to the Hudsonian Godwit