What Have You Done in the Last 50 Years?

(The question for my high school reunion)


How do I answer a question like this—

do I mention the beach I live by, or the trips, or

my husband’s success, the kids and grandkids?

(If I go to the dinner-dance, what should I wear?

Pertinent question: Does anyone care?)


Should I mention the miscarried babies, un-crying,

the endless days spent with a parent who’s dying,

the ones left behind near-death, but trying?

(My classmates won’t mind—perhaps they’ll relate.)


Or my IV fastened with hospital tape

for so many meds that spread like white ink

surrounding our master bathroom sink.

What of the thankless Thanksgiving call:

In a car crash, Mom, won’t be there at all.


Forgive me, classmates, for mentioning strife,

but to tell you the truth, it’s part of our life.

I’ve looked at this life from both sides now—

do I go for reality, and if so, how?


(But no one from PE or Choir was there,

and no one from Freshman Biology cares.)


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