Dear Forest, Please Forgive Me

The day I knew I’d fallen out of love, immune to fascination of your spell, I wasn’t rocking with the wind above, intoxicated drinking in the smell   of forest pine. And deep underfoot, little craving for the virgin pillow of needles; and around my ankles, dirt … and by the stream, only silent willows.… Continue reading Dear Forest, Please Forgive Me

Paint the Sky September: San Diego

I’ll paint the sky an ultra-marine blue wash for this scene, but strong enough to complement the ruby husk of pomegranate.   Spanish tiles and rooftop trim-- mix red and yellow cadmium; and color the fruit Hooker’s green-- in winter paint it tangerine.   Mix some white with Winsor lemon— yucca blooms of clotted cream… Continue reading Paint the Sky September: San Diego

Sleeping Elephant Mountains

Reflecting on Mountains at Ojai, California Like sleeping elephants they lie, with moonlight on their monstrous faces, Around the world the moon cries, and sinks over faceless monsters. blankets of chamise and oak draping, dry as heavy hides. They cannot hide, their numbers shrink, bones bleaching in the grass. They huddle closely, safe as stone,… Continue reading Sleeping Elephant Mountains