Paint the Sky September: San Diego

I’ll paint the sky an ultra-marine

blue wash for this scene,

but strong enough to complement

the ruby husk of pomegranate.


Spanish tiles and rooftop trim–

mix red and yellow cadmium;

and color the fruit Hooker’s green–

in winter paint it tangerine.


Mix some white with Winsor lemon—

yucca blooms of clotted cream on

spires, like delicious bells.

Then, settle on the ocean swells …


where sky is white, with cobalt blue,

like skim milk stained with one or two

blueberries. Ocean less intense;

and on the beach, a broken fence


completes the composition hues

with rust, a counterpoint to blues.

I’ll save Payne’s grey, and the umber

for fire season in November.




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