What’s Forgotten When You Age

Who gave you a
and yellow roses
when it snowed.
In whose jacuzzi
you once sang
You won’t know.
You used to play
a Guild guitar;
you probably won’t
remember though.

The birthday when you
crashed a Jeep,
pleated like
a Pepsi can.
A row of purple stitches
like embroidery on
your pelvic skin;
the crack that said you
broke your foot.
(They say you won’t
remember pain.)

A summer stroll
when you could swing
your arms loose,
before a cane.
A hug when no one
pulled away,
or where you put your
husband’s ring.
What day it is.
What day is it?
And by the way—
what is your name?

Song written, recorded by the Eagles, 1973




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