To a Hawk Mantling

Mantling: When birds of prey hunch their shoulders and spread their wings over a kill to keep it hidden from other predators.


To a Hawk Mantling 

It all comes down to this harrier hawk,

and a vision intense as the

smell of bleeding.


It comes to the rabbit under her wings,

a creature that moments ago

was breathing.


To spreading her robes of feather and bone

in a desperate attempt to hide

what she’s eating.


It comes to her hunger as primal as lust,

and to savagery that can

be deceiving.


It all comes down to this female hawk,

and a great horned owl that watches

her sleeping.


To a midnight moon that betrays the hawk,

and signals the owl to descend

for its feeding.


(After time spent at Sky Falconry in Alpine, CA.)





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