Things That Fill the Air

some of my breath, some of yours
his last breath and later hers
a prayer on my knees for grace
if I should die before I wake
your whispered words, a choir’s song
the droplets that are passed along
dust I touch but cannot feel
a rising howl that seems surreal
our species’ late epiphany
Mahler’s tragic symphony
corona virus, children crying
all the daylight slowly dying
voices of divinity, a fracture in the galaxy
a mother’s plea ayúdame
in the end the love you take
the spreading virus that you make
is equal to your distant screams
dreams that die without their wings
Ayúdame: Spanish translation: help me.
Pronounced: ah-you-da-may
n.b.: Beatles, “Abbey Road,” 1969, “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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