Pandemic VII: Before and After

Before it was fire, a

car accident, a plane crash

en route to Australia

made sense


to invest with adrenaline,

pounding heartbeat, with

personal sweat and

misguided belief.


My worries fed upon

distant statistics,

remote possibility,



until they approached me

where the street ends and

were reintroduced as

my long-lost friends


dying to meet at

the grocery store,

planning to greet when

I breached the bus door,


and I couldn’t be far from them

at the park—or at night when

the droplets spread

through the dark.


My worries were nearby

and then when their breath

was coughed at me, laden

with spoonsful of death


I hadn’t as much need to

sweat from the fear.

My worries arrived,

the virus was here.




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