Inside an Old Wooden Box

Words carved on an antique box: J.A. Egen, Prisoner of War, Burt's Island, Bermuda, November 11, 1901 What proof do we need of existence? Sometimes only a carved letter box inlaid with lilies, the corners coupled in half-blind dovetails. A box chiseled by a prisoner of war, a South African Dutchman who fought the British… Continue reading Inside an Old Wooden Box

At the Intersection with Wildness

we found a string of jewels never meant to be revealed on a Monday morning— not here, not on the lawn beneath a king palm tree on a city street— a luminous necklace of intestines dangling from the spine of an animal locked in fetal position, fur trailing like orange hair yanked out of a… Continue reading At the Intersection with Wildness

When the Drum Told the Story

Sixty years— I still hear those black and white beats and feel the throb of an army snare drum— three measures rolled with an even pulse, the fourth one choked and abruptly stopped. They spoke of a sixties news telecast, the late autumn hours, a nation that wept, the caisson that lumbered with iron regret, a president’s… Continue reading When the Drum Told the Story