Midnight Transformation

When the need came for me to fly I pictured a juvenile red-tailed hawk, her gray feathers fingering rising air, playing the nocturne of her flight. Soon afterward contractions began; I severed the cord that held me since birth and breast stroked through the sea heavy air. See me? I'm flying! I shout to a nest of vipers,… Continue reading Midnight Transformation

To Radiate, Even Briefly

Deep beneath the sea, in a bed of sand, a tiny pufferfish flaps tail and fins and labors over cryptic hills and bands and valleys, and with burrowing begins his DaVinci: Perfect geometry of circle and furrow, radial lines all adorned with shells, in symmetry as if the Master's hand guides his design. With luck… Continue reading To Radiate, Even Briefly

What Happens Next? You Asked Me That Night

As I knelt by your head, held your long fingers and dripped the morphine under your tongue. When you are ready, follow the light. But later I wished I had asked him instead: Where are you now, my Father, my friend?    Are you an elder in opiate dreams, with prayers like ghosts hovering over your bed?   Are… Continue reading What Happens Next? You Asked Me That Night

Teach Your Children Well

Make sure they find mica in the ground— pinch the rock skin peeled and browned, the waxy, starry silicate layered like staircases in granite.   Make certain they sample honeysuckle that grips a country fence, and they suck all the nectar from the hair-thin stopper pulled from inside, a party popper.   Make sure they… Continue reading Teach Your Children Well

Innocence and White Windowsills

It's sold now, the house on a distant hill, and the gulls are but echoes in my ears, the cistern of the harbor tipped and spilled, the limestone cliffs sundered by the years.   I think about its white windowsills, the horizon edged in clean enamel paint— each a testament to Yankee will, invoking the… Continue reading Innocence and White Windowsills