People Are Saying

Her writing is truly transcendant.

  • Her palette contains enough shades of fear and loathing to paint our time, but applied to a Romantic poet’s mind’s-eye and with a Modernist mind’s-ear.
  • I am writing to you because of your piece Ashes Rain, Coast to Coast, in the “Fine Lines” literary magazine. I wanted to tell you that this is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The imagery you used paints an absolutely stunning picture in the readers’ mind.  I felt as though it was raining ashes on me while I was reading this. Furthermore, I’d like to say that I love the topic you wrote on. I never considered the truly destructive power of fire. I do not know if it was your intention or not, but this piece reminded me of the wildfires in California. I had never before thought of all the memories fire takes away, as well as the homes it destroys. You are a very talented writer and I hope to be able to read more of your work in the future.

  • “There’s so much compelling imagery, interesting juxtaposition and wonderfully direct speech in her poems.”
  • “Just the poem I needed to read so I hurt with it; a reminder to me my heart still works.”
  • “I think her style is similar to Billy Collins … she selects real events from life to write about, and is reflective without being sappy.”
  • “The voice of now, with the wisdom of age … the Age.”
  • “She converts experience into insight, wisdom and beauty.”
  • “Sally, thanks for this ‘song,’ this march, these very personal lyrics.”
  • “When I received my copy of “One Path,” I was pleased to see a few of the entries that I had read earlier, like old friends come back to see me!”
  • “Thank you for the gift of the other windows on the world, the soul, and the human heart.”
  • “Sally Sandler gives us the opportunity to ponder and appreciate those simple, everyday interactions and connections we would otherwise miss, with family, friends, strangers, nature, pets, and more. Her heartening observations are artfully expressed in delightful prose that honors our humanity and a world so rich in inspiration.”
  • “There is little to say about excellence and beauty but thank you.”
  • “Her poems are inspirational and amazing.”
  • “I’ll dip in again when I want to be companioned down my own Memory Lane. Beautiful to look at, moving to read.”
  • “Evocative and relatable.”
  • “Excellent and so moving and lyrical.”
  • “Romantic, haunting with melancholy.”