With “Imprints,” author Sally Sandler goes deeper under the skin of poetry to explore those life experiences that leave their indelible marks on her generation of Baby Boomers.

I’ve schooled them in the magic of a fallen leaf, a twisted tree…
now it’s me–the autumn leaf,
me a child they cannot see.

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“Rocket’s Run”

The true tale of a little dog who is inspired each day to match his speed running on the beach to the train on the cliff above. 

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“One Path”

Sally Sandler’s second poetry collection, One Path, includes 30 new poems, some of which have been posted here.

… until the stone was bleached and pale,
and steps began to blend with sky.
Now the walls were smooth; a veil
of time and wind and life’s travails
had polished them, and so would I.

So begins the journey into Sally Sandler’s second volume of poetry, through a canyon path and into the twists of fate that life brings. To the everyday experiences of life and seasons on the West Coast, and to the larger themes of heartbreak, aging, chance, and death, she brings sensitivity, optimism, and the eye of a keen observer.

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“Sowing Seeds of Wonder”

The greatest satisfaction in my disordered life has come from my contact with Nature.

—Ruth Baird Larabee, age 56, in Puebla, Mexico, c1955

Sowing Seeds of Wonder, published in 2016, is the true story of Ruth and Charles Larabee, who originated San Diego Botanic Garden, in Encinitas, California. Their lives were filled with wonder and adventure, love and loss, courage, heartbreak, and tragedy, all grounded in their connections to the outdoors.

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“Returning to Our Roots

Her heartening observations are artfully expressed in delightful prose that honors our humanity and world so rich in inspiration.

  • “Sandler’s poems evoke particularly well moments common to others in the Boomer generation. Talk about shared experience! Losing parents, gaining grandchildren, relearning play, slowing down, paying more attention, cognizant of time’s relentless passage, recollecting and reminiscing. I’ve read the collection twice now, straight through. I have my favorites–who wouldn’t laugh at “Starbucks Beat” and “Homage to Coppertone,” be brought to tears by “We Lived Too Far Away” and “The Cost.” I’ll dip in again when I want to be companioned down my own Memory Lane. Beautiful to look at, moving to read.”   Five Stars,

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