When you think of her one day,say, twenty years after you last saw her,and you had heard she let her hair gosnow white at age forty-somethingand you wonder if she's still workingand how old the twins are now. When you discover a trail the same daythat you didn't know anything aboutand it leads you across… Continue reading Synchronicity

To Our Beloved Dog on Your Last Day

I wonder if you understandwhy my voice is low and broken,why we tiptoe through the house,what hangs in the air, unspoken, why we softly shut a door,close the kitchen drawers more slow,and like a final offeringplace the breakfast in your bowl. Why the boy and young girl pausejust before they leave for schooland look behind… Continue reading To Our Beloved Dog on Your Last Day

What I Remember

are mournful gulls,the hollow clang of lobster boat bells,the cloak of November melancholy misting over a small harbor town,a place facing backward at Pleistocene tides,at gravity’s pull on the moon and the sea. I often felt sad at my parents' home.When my plane touched down, I sank in the cold,the constant swashing ebbing and flowthat… Continue reading What I Remember